Insight of quran

Surah Al-Hajj
( Tadbbur Ul Quran)

Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim (751 AH) says:
“If people knew the reward of reciting the Qur’an with deliberation, they would leave all their busyness and engage only in reciting the Qur’an.”
Miftah Dar al-Saada: (204)

What is Tadbbur(تدبر)?

The word Tadbbur is derived from (د-ب-ر) Dubar(دُبر) means back, the place where the tail of an animal starts, Tadbar means to walk behind. Tadbar means to gain understanding after doing something. Trying to understand what is hidden.

How to Prepare for this course?

If you have accepted the servitude of Allah, have accepted Allah as your Lord, have accepted Allah as your everything, but in order to bear the dangers, difficulties and hardships that you have to endure in following the religion. are not ready. Whenever you start to become a practicing Muslim and cannot persevere when difficulties come, then this course is for you. This Surah will take you to the goals of obedience to Allah, worship, da’wah and preaching and you will have internal And will strengthen externally.

Tafsir of the Qur'an and tadbbur on the Qur'an are two different things. You do the interpretation process once or you repeat it at some point to refresh your knowledge, but you do tadbbur again and again. Tafsir means the meaning of the verse. Opening, while the process of deliberation begins after that, that is, considering the purpose of what is said in the verse, evaluating the things indicated in it, believing in them and taking them to heart.

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Trying to understand what is hidden.